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Your Growth Strategy Experts,
Specializing in Non-Profit, Cause and Good Purpose Business Marketing.

Part of the solution.

Founded in 2007, Particle is a Los Angeles-based marketing firm for global brands and non-profits who desire strong digital stories, driven by humanitarian values and innovation. We specialize in digital media, influencer campaigns and experiential marketing.

Our Method.

We connect the dots by seeing the world differently. We serve brands, non-profits and high-growth startups who are looking for innovative, data-driven solutions to increase reach, generate revenue or create new leads. We believe in doing good for our clients, while doing good in the world, and see these as inseparable. We have the power of a large agency, but the feeling of an intimate and invested business partner. We are dedicated to creating and executing big-picture strategies for our clients, with purpose, precision and maximum return. 

We have a vast network of entertainment professionals, influencers, and decision-makers, which we leverage across clients to overachieve goals.

We use research tools to create strategies and recommendations to meet each of our client's goals.

We consult and serve in countries all over the world, which requires sensitivity and understanding imperative for clients seeking to grow globally.

We bring fresh, lucrative and conscious perspectives to clients seeking to enhance exposure and grow sales.

Data Science.
Cultural Awareness.
Creative Vision.

We work one-on-one with company executives with strong planning and communication that creates empowered and effective leadership and teams.

We match our clients with strategic influencers and create highly integrated campaigns that enhance brand visibility and drive sales.

We reach consumers through digital strategy and press, driven by influencer events.

We strive to stay on the cutting edge of innovation and technology and are immersed in both Web2 and Web3 tools.


We are a full service Digital and Experiential Marketing Agency who looks beyond immediate project tasks to help integrate a seamless 360 strategy for your business goals and objectives. We believe business segments should not operate in silos and rather work together to maintain a competitive edge.

Fractional CMO


Startup Strategy


Digital Media Buying


Photo & Video Services


Content & Social Media


Event Production


Influencer Marketing


Project Management



ASOC engaged Particle to assist coordination and design a large-scale international event and campaign. Particle exceeded our expectations in delivery of the talent they secured, the social media outputs, and communications products which led to a successful campaign. The Particle team was highly professional and personable. We would work with them again in a heartbeat and highly recommend them.
Olive Andrews
Marine Protected Area Program Manager, Antarctic and Southern Ocean Coalition


Communications Inc worked with Particle on 2021 to deliver partnerships, a suite of creative content and event support for a project to protect the Southern Ocean in Antarctica.  Particle worked with the team to develop messages, social content and ran a paid for advertising campaign in the UK, US, Germany, France and Chile.  They initiated and managed partnership with a range of musicians from across the globe, led on relationship building, contracting and studio filming for a virtual music concert that was streamed in Russia. Particle were fantastic to work with, resourceful, bursting with ideas and all deliverables were to the highest creative quality, on time and within budget. Denise goes the extra mile on everything she commits to, and I would highly recommend working with her.


Sophie Hulme
Communications INC Limited 

It was a pleasure working with Denise and her team, We collaborated during the "Call on CCAMLR" campaign to ask governments to secure the largest act of ocean protection in history. Our role was to reach out to ambassadors and Media via Social Media, so they share the campaign and the petition. We were also in charge of tracking the results. 


Marie-Céline Piednoir

SeaLegacy & Only One

Global Communities

We chose Particle because of Denise.  She is an incredible human being, possessing both compassion and sharp business acumen.  She was able to dissect our company mission and develop a strategy for us that was sensible on a high level and practical on the ground level.  Her work has been essential for our fundraising.  Highly recommend.  


Brayden Pierce
Founder/CEO of Soundromeda


We have ongoing relationships with endless brands in the fashion, hotel, automotive, technology, media, non-profit, alcohol and beverage categories, and we are continually finding brand synergies with partners to maximize investment, while maintaining client visibility and integrity.

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